Founder Message

"Way back in 1976, Mr. M. R. Varghese realized that there were various businesses, especially in the booming oil-rich Gulf economy, which were in need of good employees. On the other hand there were qualified and hardworking people in India looking for suitable jobs that paid well. To bridge this gap the young, dynamic and enterprising Mr. M.R. Varghese founded EMMAR, named so after his initials.

To be successful, Mr. Varghese's mission statement emphasized the importance of ethics while conducting his business. Secondly, he made sure that his staff listen to the client patiently and learn about their needs. Only this way they could implement a logical and reasonable solution for the client, even if that meant recommending another consultant.

After the initial hiccup like long deployment period, the strong, steady and calming influence of Mr. Varghese paid off. Today, EMMAR has carved a niche in placing thousands of personnel who not only act as brand ambassadors but also have promoted India as hot spot destination for intelligent & competent manpower. Although he has passed away and handed over the reins to his son Mr. Nelson Varghese, EMMAR Team is poised to take forward his vision.

Mr. M. R. Varghese had always been a philanthropist and spared time to work and support charities that lead to the betterment of the society. He will always remain, an inspiration and guidance to all of us."

Mr. M. R. Varghese

( Late Founder )