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It gives us pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manpower Consultants and Suppliers from India, who have successfully rendered services to quite a number of reputed companies in the Gulf region involving deployment of 32,000 personnel of Senior & Specialised categories apart from unskilled labourers, semiskilled & skilled categories.
We have been in this field for the past 32 years and gained considerable experience in effectively handling the recruitment of Manpower. We would like to put forth details of our activities and also a brief account on the method we handle our business once we are given an opportunity to serve a Client like you.
Organisational Set Up :
We have a well maintained & upto-date office in the prestigious Nariman Point area in the heart of Mumbai, with all the required infrastructure like Telephone, Telefax, Computer, E-mail, Video Conferencing System, etc. and transport arrangements.
We have in our employment, over twenty-four personnel - managerial, supervisory and clerical - well experienced and with the requisite expertise required to handle the overseas recruitment formalities efficiently.
Mode Of Selection :
We have a systematically maintained Databank of Applications, practically for all categories and are updated from time to time. This helps us in timely identifying suitable candidates immediately on request from our clients.
However, if the Databank does not project certain specific categories or the available CVs do not suit to the desired requirements of the Clients, then we resort to advertisement in the local prominent dailies.
Our Recruitment Division mainly consists of an Interview Board manned by well-qualified & experienced professionals. In addition, we have a panel of experienced professionals from various disciplines employed by us as consultants on “as-and-when- required” basis.
We take their assistance in screening any particular category and carrying out specific Trade Tests whenever the need arises. The candidates are screened & interviewed thoroughly and for all technical categories we Trade Test them as required by the clients.
After our preliminary selection of candidates, we forward the shortlisted CV’s to the client who will review the same and advise us their choice who will be lined up for their final interview and selection in our office or any other place of their preference as per the schedule desired by them.
Alternatively, if our client desires us to make the final selection, we will do so, provided we are furnished with specific job descriptions and necessary Authorisation for the same. We will be fully responsible for the candidates finally selected & deployed by us. In case, any of such candidates subsequently being found not suitable to the Client’s requirements, as per the job description provided to us we will assist our client in locating a new candidate at our cost.
Passing Medical Test is mandatory for every selected candidate. We normally require approximately 15 days for completing selection procedures.
Documentation And Deployment :
Once the selection is confirmed and all the relevant documents are sent to us, we immediately start processing all Emigration & travel formalities and effect deployment with prior fax intimation to the client. We take it as a challenge to deploy all candidates in time as and when required by the employer.
Over the years, we have been responsible for selection & deployment of various personnel to several Organisations. For your ready reference, attached is a list of few of our clients in the Gulf Region. Any of the firms to whom we have catered in the Middle East can vouch safe for our performance & credibility.
We trust we shall, in the near future, receive your valued orders and have the opportunity of serving you by supplying your Manpower requirements.
Thanking you and assuring you of our best services.